New Maintenance Coatings And Safety Coatings Program


FORREST Facility Maintenance Program For the Pacific Northwest

Maintenance Coatings and Safety Coatings Available

Keep facility maintenance...


WATCH FIRMMarker Road Marker Adhesive Be Applied (In Bulk)


Two-part epoxy adhesive used to affix delineators

The following demonstration shows how FIRMMarker is applied to bond delineators to a...


Inside Our Kent, Washington (WA) Paint Service Center


Industrial paint tailored to the needs of Washington manufacturers 

FORREST's industrial paint and coatings service center in Kent,...


HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint - From Rudd to FORREST


Rudd Tree & Log Marking Paint is now HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint

Rudd's tree marking paint is now manufactured and distributed by FORREST 


FORREST Becomes First Sponsor Of The "Hearth Of Gold" Campaign For Clean Cookstoves


FORREST Supports the HPBA's New Charity of Choice: StoveTeam International 

FORREST Technical Coatings signed on as one of the initial...


INFERNEX® High Temperature Paint Aerosols Now Available


INFERNEX® Aerosols Provide High Temperature Paint Touch-Up

Formulations Complement INFERNEX® High Temperature Paints and Powder Coatings



High Temperature Coatings Explained for Engineers and Manufacturers


Learn How High Temperature Coatings Prevent Corrosion

High temperature coatings protect substrates operating at high temperatures from...


New Maintenance Coatings And Safety Coatings Program


FORREST Facility Maintenance Program For the Pacific Northwest

Maintenance Coatings and Safety Coatings Available

Keep facility maintenance...



Stove Bright® High Temp Paint Celebrates the Return of the HPBA Expo

Stove Bright® High Temp Paint Rejoined Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association (HPBA) Members for the Atlanta Tradeshow  

Stove Bright® Reconnected with Customers After Covid-19 Hiatus

Stove Bright High Temp Paint Team AT HPBA

The Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint team joined the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association at the return of their in-person trade show in Atlanta March 3-5, 2022.  

Forrest has exhibited at The HPBA tradeshow for nearly 40 years. The show brings together retailers, distributors, and vendors of wood stoves, gas stoves, barbeques, and other heating and outdoor cooking appliances, many of whom depend on Stove Bright® for their high temp paint needs.

Distribution channel partners throughout USA and Canada supply Stove Bright® High Temp Paint in aerosol to consumers for color change and maintenance. The Stove Bright® product line includes high temperature sealants, glass cleaners, gaskets, and other stove related accessories found in our consumer products guide here.

 “The number one question asked by hearth professional at the show is what is new from Stove Bright” says Pete Bouchard, Consumer Product Manager. Our team met with Hearth industry manufacturers, distributors and dealers at the show, which is always a great opportunity to learn more about the work they do. Forrest is works with our distributors and retailers in all 50 states and Canada, and you can contact us for that distributor list. “We rely on our distributors and retailers to deliver quality product to many of our customers. We support our retailers by providing technical support and service for users of our products.”

Forrest was the first company to introduce a non-black high temperature paint color specifically for the woodstove industry. Metallic brown was the first color available in a high temperature stable formulation. The Stove Bright High Temp Paint line now includes 36 temperature resistant colors for use on wood stoves, gas stoves, and other indoor heating appliances.

Pictured above from left are: Heath Banry, Director of Sales-Specialty Products, Brenda Williams, Product Manager, Stove Bright Founder Scott Forrest and wife Ceil Forrest, George Ardolino, Technical Sales Rep-NE United States & Eastern Canada, and Pete Bouchard-Consumer Products Manager. 

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