New Maintenance Coatings And Safety Coatings Program


FORREST Facility Maintenance Program For the Pacific Northwest

Maintenance Coatings and Safety Coatings Available

Keep facility maintenance...


WATCH FIRMMarker Road Marker Adhesive Be Applied (In Bulk)


Two-part epoxy adhesive used to affix delineators

The following demonstration shows how FIRMMarker is applied to bond delineators to a...


Inside Our Kent, Washington (WA) Paint Service Center


Industrial paint tailored to the needs of Washington manufacturers 

FORREST's industrial paint and coatings service center in Kent,...


HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint - From Rudd to FORREST


Rudd Tree & Log Marking Paint is now HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint

Rudd's tree marking paint is now manufactured and distributed by FORREST 


FORREST Becomes First Sponsor Of The "Hearth Of Gold" Campaign For Clean Cookstoves


FORREST Supports the HPBA's New Charity of Choice: StoveTeam International 

FORREST Technical Coatings signed on as one of the initial...


INFERNEX® High Temperature Paint Aerosols Now Available


INFERNEX® Aerosols Provide High Temperature Paint Touch-Up

Formulations Complement INFERNEX® High Temperature Paints and Powder Coatings



High Temperature Coatings Explained for Engineers and Manufacturers


Learn How High Temperature Coatings Prevent Corrosion

High temperature coatings protect substrates operating at high temperatures from...


New Maintenance Coatings And Safety Coatings Program


FORREST Facility Maintenance Program For the Pacific Northwest

Maintenance Coatings and Safety Coatings Available

Keep facility maintenance...



Get To Know FORREST: Industrial Paint and Specialty Coatings Supplier

High Tech Coatings and High Touch Service

From industrial paint for the Pacific Northwest to high temperature paint and high temperature powder coatings for global heat resistant paint customers, FORREST Technical Coatings provides personalized service and custom coatings.

Download our corporate brochure to learn more about FORREST Technical Coatings 

When you choose FORREST Technical Coatings, our technical sales team will tailor a high-quality industrial paint or specialty coatings system to your business's coatings needs. FORREST Technical Coatings personalized service includes an on-call industrial paint and specialty paint sales team with NACE International certifications (The Worldwide Corrosion Authority) , paint technicians and chemists who do on-site visits to help with your application process, and chemist support for custom coatings formulation and test run monitoring.

FORREST Technical Coatings manufacturing facilities for powder coatings, industrial water-based and solvent-based coatings, and aerosols is located in Eugene, Oregon. As a high-touch industrial paint supplier in the Pacific Northwest, we maintain industrial paint service centers in Kent and Spokane, Washington as well as Portland and Eugene, Oregon to serve the coatings needs of Oregon and Washington industrial manufacturers (OEMs), steel fabricators and other structural component fabricators, coatings applicators and job shops, and the maintenance coatings needs of various industries. From our industrial paint service centers in Oregon and Washington, we serve the entirety of the Pacific Northwest, including Idaho, Montana, Northern California, and British Columbia. Our global position as a high temperature paint and high temperature powder coating provider specializing in wood stove and gas stove paint, extreme temperature muffler paint and exhaust paint, and other high temperature paint solutions has led us to establish a worldwide warehousing, distribution and sales network.

The experience of choosing FORREST Technical Coatings as your industrial paint supplier:

  • A full evaluation of your unique industrial paint, high temperature paint, or other custom coatings needs and challenges
  • Paint, powder coating, aerosol, or custom product recommendation for your desired coatings outcome
  • Virtual or on-site paint and powder coating technical assistance when needed
  • Exceptional customer service and on-time delivery from our team of paint and coatings specialists

FORREST Technical Coatings is proud to be a member of several paint industry associations including The Color GuildCoatings Research Group Inc., The Pacific Northwest Society for Coatings Technology, as well as a member of The Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association due to our focus on high temperature paint and coatings wood stove and gas stove manufacturers. FORREST Technical Coatings Quality Management System is also ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

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