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Forrest Technical Coatings
exhaust paint

INFERNEX® High Temperature Exhaust Paints

Product Selection GUide

Download the Guide to Choosing INFERNEX® High Temperature Exhaust Paints and Exhaust Powder Coatings


  • TDSs and Product Sheets for 13 high temp exhaust paints and high temp powder products 
  • Products with heat resistance up to 1200°F (648°C)
  • Flexible silicone-based technology for steel and aluminum 
  • Extreme high temperature exhaust paint for farm equipment paint, motorcycles, ATVS, mufflers, and silencers.
  • UV-resistant exterior high heat paint and high temp powder

Exhaust paints used on a muffler

Or browse the INFERNEX® High Temperature Powder Coatings or High Temperature Exhaust Paint Page online.

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