New Maintenance Coatings And Safety Coatings Program


FORREST Facility Maintenance Program For the Pacific Northwest

Maintenance Coatings and Safety Coatings Available

Keep facility maintenance...


WATCH FIRMMarker Road Marker Adhesive Be Applied (In Bulk)


Two-part epoxy adhesive used to affix delineators

The following demonstration shows how FIRMMarker is applied to bond delineators to a...


Inside Our Kent, Washington (WA) Paint Service Center


Industrial paint tailored to the needs of Washington manufacturers 

FORREST's industrial paint and coatings service center in Kent,...


HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint - From Rudd to FORREST


Rudd Tree & Log Marking Paint is now HIGHBALL® Tree Marking Paint

Rudd's tree marking paint is now manufactured and distributed by FORREST 


FORREST Becomes First Sponsor Of The "Hearth Of Gold" Campaign For Clean Cookstoves


FORREST Supports the HPBA's New Charity of Choice: StoveTeam International 

FORREST Technical Coatings signed on as one of the initial...


INFERNEX® High Temperature Paint Aerosols Now Available


INFERNEX® Aerosols Provide High Temperature Paint Touch-Up

Formulations Complement INFERNEX® High Temperature Paints and Powder Coatings



High Temperature Coatings Explained for Engineers and Manufacturers


Learn How High Temperature Coatings Prevent Corrosion

High temperature coatings protect substrates operating at high temperatures from...


New Maintenance Coatings And Safety Coatings Program


FORREST Facility Maintenance Program For the Pacific Northwest

Maintenance Coatings and Safety Coatings Available

Keep facility maintenance...



High Temp Powder Coating Colors (300°- 572°F) (149°- 300°C)

Explore What's Possible In High Temp Powder Coating Colors

Heat resistant powder coating color options for 300°- 572°F (149°- 300°C)

What high temp powder coating colors are available in this temperature range?

Forrest has formulated several high temp powder coating colors appropriate for applications in the temperature range of 300°F - 572°F (149°- 300°C).  The below is intended to give an example of possible hues, but some of these colors may require custom pigments that need to be special ordered and have a long lead time. If you need a similar but different color, custom heat resistant powder coating formulation is a service offered by our powder lab. Please keep in mind screen display settings can affect colors. 

View All Colors Here On Our High Temp Powder Coating Colors Page.

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Grey, White, and Blue High Temp Powder Coatings

Blue White Grey High Temp Powder Coating Colors

Yellow, Orange, and Red High Temp Powder Coatings

Yellow Orange Red High temp powder coating colors

Green, Purple and Pink High Temp Powder Coatings

Purple Pink Green High Temp powder coating colors

Do I need a high temp powder coating?

If any or all of the substrate to be powder coated exceeds 300°F during operation, a high temp powder coating should be used instead of a conventional powder coating. A powder coating that is not high temperature will begin to degrade rapidly at this temperature and beyond.

What makes a high temp powder resistant to high temperatures?

High temp powder coatings are formulated with binders, resins, and pigments designed to withstand high temperatures. High temp powder coatings utilize silicone-resin systems that withstand higher temperatures than typical polyesters. A heat-resistant silicone-based coating provides a flexible alternative to ceramic coatings or stainless steel.

Why do high temp powders tend to have limited color selection?

Pigments used in high temp powder coating formulation are chosen because they are colorfast at the desired operating temperature. Very few available pigments are able to maintain their integrity at temperatures above 800°F. Most colors available above this temperature are black or silver. For these temperatures, please see our INFERNEX® High Temp Powder Coating product line or our black, silver and grey FORREST High Temperature Powder Coatings.

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